About Me

Ayush Saini

Hi 👋, I'm Ayush Saini. I'm a Front-end focused developer. I build & break stuff 🔨, write code 👨‍💻, design things 🌈, create content 📌.

My current obsession is building products with code, primarily for the web. I share what I learn and found interesting here on my "Blog" and on "Twitter"

I'm currently hacking on "60minuteJavaScript" (A Collection of Vanilla Javascript projects 📌) and before that, I was working on "github-contribution-graph" (github like contribution graph)

I've also launched "Ben 10 API" - A RESTful API serving hand curated Ben 10 Aliens data, built with Express & MongoDB.

Sometimes, I also create weird projects and art on "Codepen".

My latest article is "SQL Basics

Some of the tools, technology and languages I use daily are

Say hi on Twitter, or drop me an email.

You can support my work by donating a small amount at Buy Me a Coffee ,or Ko-fi