Browserstack Interview Experience - Frontend Software Engineer (L1)

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Last year, I applied at broswerstack through an employee referral for a frontend software engineering role. The HR then reached out to me after a few days of applying.

There were a total of 5 rounds for this role. I was told before the interviews that all rounds were knock-off rounds.

  1. Tele Round
  2. Assignment Round
  3. EM Round
  4. Director of Engineering Round
  5. HR Round

Round 1 - Tele Round

This was the first round with one of the engineers at browserstack. It was a phone screening round of about 1 hour where followed by a quick intro i was asked questions related to:

  • my experience, & past projects,
  • extensions on those projects and implementation details,
  • different approaches that i could have used, react, css, and vanilla javascript.

At last, i asked some questions about broswerstack.

Round 2 - Assignment Round

The second round was the assignment round of 2 hours. A tech lead took this round. In this round, i was given 4 problems to solve if i remember correctly.

  • create a timer in react, with some functionalities
  • a javascript class based problem was given, with some questions around inheritance.
  • an UI implementation problem was given, task was to replicate the UI using html/css/js based on an image.
  • discussions around if you were given a very huge react codebase then how would you make it performant and fast.

I was able to solve and answer all of the problems within the required time frame.

At last, i asked some questions about his experience and broswerstack.

Round 3 - Engineering Manager Round

This was the third round which was of about 1 hour with an engineering manager. It was majorly a behavior round. I was asked questions:

  • my work experience
  • when was the time i've gone above and beyond for a work i was assigned at work?
  • do i have any prior experience with testing libraries/what testing libraries did you use at your framework?
  • do i have any prior experience with ci/cd pipeline?
  • how were you able to increase the performance in mobile devices with that new framework you worked on while at your previous company?
  • how had you determined to create a new framework? what parameters did you use to support the decision?
  • two questions to write code on
    • method chaining in js and,
    • one problem-solving question (LC medium) was there based on the array.
  • why broswerstack?

After that, i asked him some of the questions that i had.

Round 4 - Director of Engineering Round

This was the fourth round which was with the director of engineering and was for about 45 minutes. It was also a behavior round, After a quick intro, I was asked questions like:

  • what's the current project that i've been working on?
  • what's the most exciting part about this project for me?
  • what was it that you liked and disliked about your previous employer?

there were some other questions as well that i don't remember now. After that, i asked some of the questions that i had about the company and the role.

Round 5 - HR Round

This would have been an offer discussion round from what i was told at the beginning of the interview but I got a rejection after the 4th round.

All the interviews that i've given went pretty well. I'd rate the interviews to be easy since it was all standard, if you are good with js and react you'd be good to go. The whole process took me about less than a month. I didn't get a proper feedback on my rejection so i was a little clueless but nevertheless, i have had great time interacting with browserstack engineers throughout my interview process.

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